Traffic Is The Currency Off The Web


As i have said in previous posts “If You Dont Have Traffic,You Dont Have A Business”

Traffic is our currency on the web ,you may be asking what do i mean?

Well the more traffic you have coming to your web page, squezze page, sales page ,the more chance you have off getting people to buy and optin ,hence more money coming to you.

Lets say you buy traffic  for this example lets use solo ads.

We invest enough to get 1000 subscribers

You Send the subscribers e-mails about products ,you make 40 sales @$25  commisions =$1000

It is a known fact that for every subscriber you have they are worth $1 to you.

You invest the $1000 you have made and buy more solo ads. You aquire another 300 subscribers

You now have 1300 subscribers, this is worth $1300 ($1 per subscriber)

You invest the $1300 you have made and buy more solo ads .

Now you have 1700 subscribers, this is worth $1700

Do the same again and so on , you get were iam going here?

As you see the traffic is almost  free , with a little investement you can create a snowball off traffic.

Start small and grow big!

Speak soon.