The Traffic Formula

The internet traffic formula is what everyone seeks who comes online to build a business. Although just getting traffic really in and of itself doesn’t mean much you must have it to get leads which is important.

Traffic is important but so often marketers put so much emphasis on traffic and the statistics that traffic gives you and totally forget about the job of the traffic. They forget the internet traffic formula.

Internet traffic is just like traffic in rush hour. There is a lot of it but none of it means anything unless you can get a fair share to notice your site and if you have done your job properly create a lead from that attention.

You need as many eyes pointing to your website, Ads, blogs, videos, sales pages and other content.

Contrary to popular belief there is more traffic all over the internet than Facebook, Google, Bing and Pinterest combined. Yet most marketers only rely on social media as an avenue to get traffic to their content.

Although it seems as if it’s one of the biggest problems online, is actually easy to obtain.

If you were to survey 100 or thousands of marketers building a business using the internet, all of them will tell you their biggest problem is traffic and lead generation. However, what you actually discover is that the market is not being targeted properly.

Once you have done the research and targeted your market, meaning what you offer that is of interest, there is a need for, and a desire to buy it you can get as much traffic as you desire. You getting my point here?

Traffic is really not the problem on the internet the problem is choosing the right niche market. Once you get clear on that you will be able to  get traffic, leads and sales.

When the concept of the niche market is brought to marketer’s attention, they usually don’t want to hear about it. They spend time creating content that no one will ever see or they get leads that have no interest in what they are selling.

They soon get frustrated and say that using the internet to build a business does not work.

It does work and it works every time you target the market properly and put the right message and offers in front of them. And the right market is a market that wants what you have, needs what you have and is willing to buy what you have.

This is where your focus should be .Target the right market and give them the right products , they will love you!

Olle Tod