Social Shopping

Social Shopping

Social shopping is a method of e-commerce where shoppers’ friends become involved in the shopping experience. Social shopping attempts to use technology to mimic the social interactions found in physical malls and stores. With the rise of mobile devices, social shopping is now extending beyond the online world and into the offline world of shopping.

Online shopping  is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Alternative names are: e-web-store, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, web-shop, web-store, online store, online storefront and virtual store. Mobile commerce (or m-commerce) describes purchasing from an online retailer’s mobile optimized online site or app.

An online shop evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or shopping center; the process is called business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping. In the case where a business buys from another business, the process is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping. The largest of these online retailing corporations are Alibaba,, and eBay.




Why you  should consider selling products as an affiliate on amazon or your own products like kindle books .

Amazon has over 300 million users.

200 million products onsale.

34 million books available .

12 books added every hour.

60 million average monthly searches.



How does the Amazon Affilites Programme work?


Amazon Associates Programme provides a unique way for your website or blog to link to millions of products on Amazon choosing from huge selection of categories – books, digital music and movies, apparel, beauty, grocery, electronics, car & motorbike, sports, and many more.

Nearly everyone has either bought something from Amazon or knows someone who has (and over 80% from the Buy Box), as it’s become one of the premier sites for buying and shopping. Going on the other end, however, is a different story, as selling inventory requires smart and strategic thinking. Read on to find out what you’ve been missing to get sales lifting off—boosting your traffic on Amazon isn’t overly difficult. Fortunately or unfortunately, the internet is not designed to reward the JK Rowlings and Ian Rankins of the world. Instead, what matters is what words are used . Or, in other words, the locations of keywords.

Keywords are the main way a shopper finds themselves at your page, and isn’t much unlike how you search for anything on Google. If you want to find, say, black dress shoes, that’s probably exactly what you would type and not something like “glossy suede men’s pumps.”


Tips to remember:

Use words instead of phrases to pick up on more hits, with buyers far more likely to use the former.


Save your title for your title, and your keywords for the search—be efficient instead of redundant.



Only use your own keywords so Amazon doesn’t accuse you of infringing on intellectual property—and then suspend you. We’d all love to sell Stephen King paperbacks for twice what they’re worth, but readers know they can get any title for less than a coffee. Although it may sting a bit in the short-term, consider using sporadic discounts to bump up your standing in search results (you can bulk editing your inventory and adjust pricing rules quickly in your repricing solution).



This practice, known as price optimising, will help you sell products and beautify your sales history. There’s one important thing to remember, and that’s to balance price against popularity.


Your most popular products are the ones with the most page views (SellerCentral Account -> Reports -> Business Reports -> Detail Page Sales and Traffic). Many rookies make the mistake of looking at their total most popular products, but think of it this way: there were a lot of Furbies sold in the ‘90s, but what’s the popularity of them now? What about shoulder padded-shirts, or bell-bottom jeans? Think recent, as in the last month or so.


It takes a little bit of hard work and smart thinking to become an ace seller on Amazon, but boosting your traffic doesn’t have to be a secret left to a select few. By keeping these tips in mind, you can also see your Amazon traffic really take off.

Here’s another great tip to increase your traffic.

 You can include a link in your amazon profile.

I know it’s nothing new, but  believe me it’s not something to ignore. Just imagine how it would be to write an ultradetailed review on “hot” products, whether it’s JK Rowlings  last book, Avatar DVD, or any new bestseller…

Honnestly, I think there’s a lot of potential in this, especially when you see how much traffic amazon gets. Over 67 Million uniques a month.


Now obviously, in order for a lot of people to see your site you’d need to have your review listed on the first page, but how would it be if you spent the time to write an excellent one.

Luck plays its role, but if you really spend the time to do it, thinking of helping people in an honnest way to make their decision, then it will pay back, I’m sure of it.

You can even outsource the whole thing to write reviews for all the upcoming products.

So I repeat, here’s what you can do.

Step 1. Find the hottest new products, for this go to amazon and then click on “Shop All Departmens” and click on each individual section, you’ll find the highest selling products in the moment displayed.

Step 2. If this isn’t already done, include the link of your website in your profile name. Now you can only use one website per profile,  But what you can do… Is to include a link, or, where you can change the redirect. For example, let’s say that right now you redirect it to, and then you realise that olletod isn’t good. So you login to your budurl or bitly account and change the destination url that your bitly links points you towards. That way you can manage what you want your visitors to see depending on the context.

Step 3: Write a high quality review for a product. Now, the cool thing if you do this for a lot of products is that you don’t need to have bought the product to do it. However, it will show off if you haven’t read it. You can outsource this. Or find forums that talk about it, and pay someone to write it for you.

 Let’s say he (or she) is a Harry Pottery fanatic, you search google for Harry Potter related forums, and then you see some posts made by some members (there are always some long detailed posts), that way you see the potential members you can contact to later maybe end up writing a review for you.


This takes time?  But yes if you do it everytime and you plan to write 100 reviews a day to blast your link in amazon, then yes it does take time.
Anyway, writing so much reviews will raise Amazon’s flag, so keep it safe.

Plus, I prefer quality over quantity. Instead of writing reviews on every single product imaginable, find the amazon top 10 list, and spend some good time writing beyond amazing reviews. That way you’ll “maybe” get a chance to be on the first page, and even if you don’t, since it’s a hot product, there’s some good chance that your review will be read anyway.

If you write a review about a video game, then a good idea would be to TO Put an offer related to a  video game on your website.

Now probably asking how in the world am I going to have all those different websites if I’m only allowed to put one website on my profile? I mean, bitly and budurl are great, but limited.

What you’d need, is to create several amazon accounts.

Speak soon Olle Tod