Getting The Buyers Trust Usuing Pay Per Click!

Make the buyer your friend not your enemy

Buiding a relationship, with your buyer is the first most important step to running an internet marketing business . You want the buyer to belive you, to trust you .To do this you must build a bond,that when they open there e-mail box ,and see you have sent a new e-mail  they wont be able to open your e-mail quick enough.

In this article , we will look at this concept through pay-per -click.

How to get traffic to your website by using a pay-per-click program? Each time someone clicks on your link, you are charged a certain amount of money per click. So, every cent and every click counts. To make sure you get back every cent that you spend on this traffic generating strategy, I’m sharing with you the one very important secret that I use to earn back at least my advertising cost.

So, how to get traffic to your website? The secret is don’t try too hard to sell. When someone clicks on your ad, don’t direct him to any content page or sales letter. Instead, direct the “clicker” to an opt-in page for him to subscribe to your mailing list.

For me, I encourage people to subscribe to my mailing list by offering them freebies, like free ebook, ereport, ecourse, evideo etc. When they subscribe, I’ll have their contact details. These details are important leads for me as I can offer them related products or services in the future and get at least one if not repeated sales from them. That’s how to get traffic.

Once the visitors subscribe and leave their contact details, I’ll continue to provide them valuable information for free. After each bit of content, I’ll recommend to them the related products which I’m promoting as an affiliate.

Once the relationship is established, you’ll not be troubled with how to get traffic to your website. The subscribers will be your best web traffic possible. Since they click on your ad, this means they are seriously looking for a related solution. As such, it is easier to convert them into sales.